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A few more numbers, and a "that's interesting" or two

Of the 61 respondents who ID as female:

89% have a degree, 11% do not.

Compared to the 359 who ID as male:

72% have a degree, 28% do not.

Age/degree breakdowns:

Under 26, 21 respondents, 43% no degree, 57% degree

26-35, 92 respondents, 24/76% no/yes degree

36-45, 168 respondents, 27/73% no/yes degree

46-55, 121 respondents, 26/74% no/yes degree

56 and up, 34 respondents, 24/76% no/yes degree

Age/gender ID breakdown:

Under 26, 21/79% ID as female/male

26-35, 22/78% female/male

36-45, 14/86% female/male

46/55, 9/91% female/male

56 and up, 15/85% female/male

Of 437 respondents, 6 ID as non-binary (~1%) and 9 preferred not to answer (2%)

All demographic data was clearly marked as being optional.

I'll let you decide what (if any) of the revelations above warrant a "that's interesting".

Up next, more-or-less cleaned up raw data files in .csv and .xlsx formats.

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