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A matter of degrees

Updated: Mar 2

Are you curious about education in infosec / cybersecurity? I am, too, and this project is my way of asking questions and sharing answers.

Please help me by completing the survey below.

It should only take 5-10 minutes to complete. The survey has 14 to 18 questions including optional demographic questions, plus optional additional information and feedback fields. Results will be shared online and in future presentations.


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Quotable quotes

Today I'll share a few of the quotes received in the comments section of the survey. Let's start with this commentary on PhD and advanced degrees: "A PhD is a full-time job, not an extension to colleg

And here's the raw data

As promised, here are the raw data files as of the weekend, somewhat cleaned up: Here's the .xlsx version:!ADU9TlQrSzm4h8cc And here's a .csv!ADU9TlQrSzm4h8cd I


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