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Certifications and self-study

Let's take a quick look at some non-degree data, certifications and self study:

What security certifications have you earned (current and/or lapsed)? Please add certs not listed under “Other”.

Which non-security certifications have you earned (current or lapsed)? Please add certs not listed under “Other”.

Have you done any of the following self-study or non-traditional training? Please use the “Other” option to add other methods.

These answer say a lot about many people drawn to the security realm, we study and learn in a wide variety of ways. As the past NOC lead for a hacker con, I am really pleased to see so many folks helping run networks at events, it is a great way to help the community, and to learn in the process.

The survey is still open, and the answers keep coming in. Next week we will take a look at demographics.

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