• Jack Daniel

Survey Says...

Well, it says a lot of things, and as expected it answers some questions and asks more.

First, thank you to everyone who completed the survey and shared it, there are over 400 responses so far and I plan on leaving it open for a few more weeks.

I will hold off on sharing my interpretations and opinions, I just want to share some data for now. And yes, raw data will be available as a .CSV in coming weeks, I just want to gather more answers and sanitize it before sharing publicly.

Also, thanks to Jay Jacobs of the Cyentia Institute, he has done some data visualization work on the initial data.

The first question was "Do you currently work in a security role? (A role where security is the primary focus, whether defensive or offensive: Red team, pentester, SOC analyst, Incident Response, security admin, security support, etc.)"

Question two is "What is the highest level of formal education you have achieved?"

And here Jay has compared the first two questions:

And jumping ahead, question nine is: "If you are a recruiter or hiring manager, do you require degrees for candidates in infosec/cybersecurity roles?"

More to come later this week.


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